Sunrise Accessible Resort: when relaxation on the beach is truly for everyone

Sunrise Accessible Resort: when relaxation on the beach is truly for everyone

When we think of a holiday, our destination is often by the sea.

Perhaps it is because of the sense of freedom that only the sea can transmit, or the sound of the waves that cover everything and take us away from the hustle and bustle of the city; perhaps it is because of the smell of salt or the wonderful sensation of the cold sand… in short, whatever the reason, when it comes to relaxation – in the collective imagination – the sea has no competition.

And if you are looking for relaxation truly for everyone, it is easy to choose the Sunrise Accessible Resort.


Accessible tourism at the Sunrise Accessible Resort

Holidays should be a time of pure relaxation for everyone, but unfortunately this is not always possible, especially for people with disabilities, who often face numerous obstacles even just to enjoy some sun on the beach.

There are still too many locations that do not pay due attention to small details that could really make a difference for many tourists.

Most accommodation facilities pursue aesthetic canons while forgetting the importance of inclusiveness.

For example, unnecessary steps and stairs could often be eliminated or replaced by small ramps to allow even wheelchair users to access the necessary services.

Fortunately, in this often distracted world that tends to cater only to the needs of the majority, there are exceptions and one of these is the Sunrise Accessible Resort.

The hotel’s mission is to make all its guests, no one excluded, fully enjoy the tourist experience. This focus on total inclusion is truly tangible.

As of 2019, the name of the resort was solely Sunrise. Since 2020, the Sunrise Resort has changed its name to Sunrise Accessible Resort, having been awarded the International Valueable – Handing Opportunities certification, among others.

As part of its inclusive project, the resort also offers employment opportunities to people with disabilities and constant training on disability approaches to all its staff. It collaborates with many associations including Anffas and Fish.


The Sunrise Accessible Resort’s beach facilities and hotel services

The Sunrise Accessible Resort, located on the southern coast of Salerno, a stone’s throw from Paestum, has a private beach with attention to every detail as well as a wonderful sea-view swimming pool.

The fine white sand, typical of Salerno’s southern coastline, is equipped with well-spaced umbrellas and sunbeds to guarantee privacy and relaxation.

The beach can be reached very easily both from the garden and from the car park and can be used by all resort guests but also by those who just want to enjoy a day of absolute rest.

The resort’s restaurant, car park, bar and playground are at the complete disposal of those who choose the Sunrise Accessible Resort as their destination for relaxation.

The characteristic feature of the resort’s beach is that it is completely barrier-free and has, on request, technical or assistance staff for those with mobility problems or intellectual and sensory disabilities.

There are wooden walkways on the sand that allow access to sunbeds and the sea for those who need a wheelchair to move around. For the same purpose, large wooden structures also surround some of the parasol stations. For guests with disabilities, the facility offers job chairs with large rubberised wheels specially designed for easier movement.

For guests with disabilities, the resort offers job chairs with large rubberised wheels specially designed for easier movement on the beach and beyond.

The Sunrise Accessible Resort allows small dogs as well as guide dogs access to the beach and offers customised assistance services for accessible tourism without exclusion or discrimination, to truly allow everyone to enjoy the tourist experience in complete autonomy.
The Resort has, for example, a restaurant menu and signs in the facility translated into Easy Read (facilitated language) for guests with intellectual disabilities.

But inclusive care and attention is also in the small details: both in the hotel and on the beach, there are toilet lifts, grab rails and shower chairs, and TMA (multisystem water therapy) services are available on request, especially during off-peak periods.



The Resort’s excellence in inclusiveness is also and above all given by the constant training of its staff.

The reception staff is highly qualified to design customised hotel, restaurant and beach services, and there is a lifeguard staff that supports people with motor disabilities in the water.

A location cared for in every detail, attention to the needs of each of its guests, activities and services that protect people’s health and aim to improve their quality of life, make the Sunrise Accessible Resort a pearl among the accessible accommodation facilities in the Campania region.

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